Stigma of Cancer Delays Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Arab Women

One of our book’s most unique chapter looks at Arab culture and how it impacts a woman’s decisions about surgery and reconstruction. Arab leaders here say stigma can be so strong that women refuse to get mammograms or biopsies, even if they have a lump, because they fear their spouses’ negative reaction or they don’t want to stigmatize their children and possibly hurt their future chances at marriage. The chapter gives tips from leading multicultural program at ACCESS in Dearborn and Oakwood Hospital, where we talked to their first female Arab breast surgeon.  Hiam Hamade, left, and Ghada Aziz of ACCESS head a program that provides free and low-cost mammograms to women. But they stay the course if a woman is diagnosed with cancer and have helped many through treatment. Metro Detroit is fortunate to have programs like these.  Below, a new study finds the same stigmas common about women in the UAE.Hiam

Interviews with breast cancer survivors have suggested that some women may be hiding their condition long after finding symptoms, fearing social prejudice or…
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