How The Book Began: With the Nipple


20131028_104232The story behind the writing of “Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: What’s Right for You” begins with the nipple.

A dear friend and breast cancer survivor invited me to join her and her mom for a 10-hour road trip to suburban Baltimore for my friend’s nipple tattooing session with nationally known breast tattoo artist Vinnie Myers. He sees women from all over the country and calls a nipple tattoo “the cherry on the cupcake.”

I went, observed and came back with a bunch of questions I asked of doctors. Then I wrote a sample chapter, “The Nipple: The Ultimate Challenge.” This chapter got me a contract with a large publishing company, Rowman and Littlefield, in two amazing weeks. After that, my reporter’s curiosity and instincts led me to dozens of other questions. I hope the book provides resources to women facing surgery, with or without reconstruction; that it gives helpful insights to those who have been there already; and provides medical schools and hospitals with new open approaches talking to patients about these issues.20131028_125310

Patricia Anstett


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