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Paperback Edition Released of Well-Received Breast Surgery, Reconstruction Book

JANUARY 3, 2018 _ A paperback edition of the acclaimed “Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: What’s Right for You,” is now available.

The book, by medical writer Patricia Anstett and photography by Kathleen Galligan, is unique,  allowing women to talk about procedures and decisions they made. Reviews by leading medical groups, including cancer doctors, nursing organizations and library journals commend the book as helpful and insightful. Too many women rush through their decisions with insufficient information, studies show.

The book can be purchased for $26 at Amazon and is available at many public libraries.

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High-tech bra aims to find breast cancer

Here’s a link about an exciting technology development called the iTbra that aims to compliment or improve on mammography: tiny sensors worn inside a bra for a couple hours each month that can send information to your smart phone. I had a chance yesterday to discuss the importance of breast cancer detection and finding new options at the premiere showing of Detected, a movie about the bra. Cisco, a San Jose technology company, funded the movie. The iTbra is in clinical studies at Ohio State University and abroad. It is NOT available as a product in the U.S.

I talked about breast cancer detection in my talk preceding the movie. It is a topic I have followed since 1992 when I wrote a story for the Detroit Free Press about how 2/3rds of Detroit area mammogram machines flunked state inspections in the first year of a landmark state law, introduced by Rep. Maxine Berman, that went on to be a model for a national mammography quality law. I gave special thanks in my talk to Berman; the Detroit Free Press, which gave me time and support to write about mammography quality through my 22 year career as medical writer, particularly with data help from librarian Victoria Turk; Donna Dauphinais, who inspired the book I wrote on breast cancer surgery and reconstruction options; and Free Press photographer Kathleen Galligan, whose elegant photos and personal story of breast cancer, brought to life the stories I told of women in “Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: What’s Right for You,” published last year by Rowman and Littlefield. I am delighted to report that we just heard the book will come out in paperback in December. I will update you about that as well as the iTbra.

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I had the pleasure yesterday of talking about a long-time passion, breast cancer detection, before the premier of a new documentary, Detected, about a

1 of Every 2 U.S. Women Consider Prophylactic Double Mastectomy for Early Tumors, University of Michigan Study Finds

One of every two women with early-stage breast cancer now consider removing both breasts, even though they only have cancer in one, according to a new University of Michigan study. This option has soared upwards from 3.9% in 2002, it said.

A quarter of women with early-stage breast cancer and a favorable prognosis strongly considered…

Lower-income Women Less Likely to Undergo Breast Reconstruction, Study Finds

Lower-income women are less likely to undergo breast reconstruction. This is why education remains a vital mission for everyone. Do your part to tell a public library to carry our book, “Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: What’s Right for You,” or donate our book to some low-profit near you that serves lower-income women to help end these disparities.

Heart Health Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention

Good health is important to the prevention of breast cancer, and its recurrence. Here, Dr. Tom Rifai, a leading doctor who heads the weight loss and chronic disease prevention program for the Henry Ford Health System explains the right way to measure cholesterol; the proper way to take a blood pressure reading; and ways to turn around borderline pre-diabetes numbers, measured in a 3-month test of blood sugar called the a1c. Check out his FB pages as well.




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Reality Meets Science was live.

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“aLIVE with Dr Tom Rifai!” on fan question: “I’m prediabetic – what can I do that is RMS lifestyle friendly?”

Sharing Our Book and the Power of Social Media

This is a story about the powerful reach of Facebook. I posted to show its strength can go so much further than the ordinary purposes.
Breast cancer survivor Julie Wright heard about the breast cancer surgery options book I wrote after she read about it on a Facebook post from a friend, Dr. Tom Rifai. She soon bought a case of “Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: What’s Right for You,” and has begun to distribute them to cancer centers and women facing breast cancer surgery decisions. Today she posted a message of her goal to distribute as many as she can, along with the story below she found on the Internet that I wrote four years ago as I contemplated writing a book.
Julie is a true angel on earth. I feel she was sent to answer my prayer to use my writing skills for purposes that benefit others. Years ago, I went to the funeral of a famous UM doctor kiled by a mentally ill patient and taped his funeral program to my desk, with this message from Matthew: “I by my work will show you my faith.”

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A journalist finds her cause – and a market – writing books on women’s health.