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Paperback Edition Released of Well-Received Breast Surgery, Reconstruction Book

JANUARY 3, 2018 _ A paperback edition of the acclaimed “Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: What’s Right for You,” is now available.

The book, by medical writer Patricia Anstett and photography by Kathleen Galligan, is unique,  allowing women to talk about procedures and decisions they made. Reviews by leading medical groups, including cancer doctors, nursing organizations and library journals commend the book as helpful and insightful. Too many women rush through their decisions with insufficient information, studies show.

The book can be purchased for $26 at Amazon and is available at many public libraries.

See this Web site for details.


Lower-income Women Less Likely to Undergo Breast Reconstruction, Study Finds

Lower-income women are less likely to undergo breast reconstruction. This is why education remains a vital mission for everyone. Do your part to tell a public library to carry our book, “Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: What’s Right for You,” or donate our book to some low-profit near you that serves lower-income women to help end these disparities.

New Pain Relief Options After Breast Reconstruction

Linda holding pain system bag Apr 28 2017

Detroit breast cancer survivor, Dr. Linda Johnson, is shown here with the “On-Q Pain Relief System, which she used to reduce post-operative pain after breast reconstruction. It is a non-narcotic system. “This is a little pump about the size of a small can of soup that contains pain reliever that comes into your system automatically for a few days after surgery,’’ says Johnson, a retired school principal. “The pump goes to a tiny plastic tube that the surgeon installs in your chest. This little dickens really worked!!  All I had to do was to carry it around in the little nylon bag shown in the picture.  By day I used it like a shoulder bag and at night I just kept it beside me in the bed. The doc will take out the 4 or 5 inches of tubing that went into my body when I go for my check up next week.  Easy breezy, it gives a constant stream of pain relief, and doesn’t involve pills.” For details:


Public Health Leader Shares Life as Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor

Former Michigan public health director Vern Anthony continues to educate, this time with information that helps more understand that a cancer recurrence, even two as she has had, is not a death sentence. Her most important advice: Live your life fully. And she has tips about what NOT to say to someone with cancer.

Praise for Our Book from Top US Cancer Docs, Top Plastic Surgeon on Twitter

In the last week, leading doctors have praised our book, including the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the nation’s largest group of cancer doctors, posted on (see below).

Today  Dr. Olivier Branford, a London plastic surgeon and top in his field on social media wrote on Twitter: ‏@OlivierBranford
“Just received this brilliant book by @BCsurgstories Invaluable for all concerned #BreastCancer#BreastReconstruction “

From the ASCO POST:  “Patricia Anstett, a well-published medical writer, has written Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: What’s Right for You, a detailed account of one of the most important issues in the world of oncology. Along with the visual help of photographer Kathleen Galligan, Ms. Anstett has produced a valuable book in both the clinical cancer community as well as the patient-survivor sector…. Ms. Anstett made many wise choices in her book. She is a capable writer who knows her limitations in the craft of writing. As a result, she has produced an honest, valuable book that deals with clinical and emotional subjects that are daunting and confusing. Women who are facing these issues will be well served by this book.(The ASCO Post)”


150 backers have given us $12,000. We are 2/3rds of the way there toward our $18,000 goal. It’s all or nothing: We raise that amount or don’t get a cent and no one is out a penny. So please tell others and answer their questions. Many don’t know publishers these days pay nothing or only a small token advance. Short of asking people for money, this book won’t be done. Thanks for believing in this project and us. We are grateful to all of you: family; friends;  kids’ friends and work colleagues; journalism and communication colleagues; tennis buddies; and everyone helping us create better health resources for women.

Kathleen Galligan update

We’re happy to report that Kathleen Galligan’s sentinel lymph node biopsy came back clean. Great news that this cancer was found before it spread outside the breast. She will, however, return for a second surgery at the end of the month because the tissue they removed still had cancer in its margins. After that, radiation. In all, it looks like quite a treatable cancer. Kathleen is the same upbeat, positive radiant woman she always has been. The support from her family and friends and the Detroit Free Press features department meal train orchestrated by Mark Stryker have been especially appreciated.