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Canada Latest Nation to Ban Textured Breast Implants

The list of countries to ban textured breast implant grows, while they remain on the market in the United States. Women wanting to avoid the risk of lymphomas linked to textured implants have choices: Staying flat; autologous breast reconstruction; and smooth breast implants.

Sales of Textured Implants Halted in Europe Amid Cancer Concerns

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Over or Under the Muscle: The Debate Over Where to Place Breast Implants

Increasingly, doctors are placing breast implants over not under the muscle for women who are thinner, very active and athletic, to minimize a problem called distortion when the implants move around. We address this issue in our book; some doctors, however, say that positioning implants over the muscle gives a more unnatural look. If you are a weight lifter, boxer or very athletic, thinner woman considering implants, this is an important issue to discuss with your plastic surgeon.

The technique places implants on top of muscle, instead of under it.

Over or Under: Breast Implant Placement Debate Continues

Where to place breast implants — under the chest muscle or over it — remains more a plastic surgeon’s choice. It’s an important discussion, in particular, for thinner, very active women, who sometimes complain that implants move inappropriately when they exercise. In plastic surgery, this is an issue known as “distortion.”

Here one doctor provides some clarity on why he and many other doctors prefer to place implants under the chest muscle.

For more discussion on implant placement, see our book’s breast implant chapter. It discusses types of implants; problems; placement concerns and other issues.






Under or Over: What’s the Best Placement of a Breast Implant?

Younger women undergoing #breastreconstruction with #breastimplants and who are very athletic increasingly are asking their #plasticsurgeons where’s the best place to place an implant under the muscle, as done for years, or over, to avoid a problem called distortion when the implant moves during vigorous exercise such as weight lifting.

We report in the#siliconeimplant chapter of the book that some surgeons remain cautious about implant placement over the muscle because of concerns about whether this doesn’t look as good or may impair imaging and monitoring of the breast. Would love to hear from doctors and women if you have an opinion.

Below: Emmy Pontz-Rickert, anchor of silicone breast implant chapter, “Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: What’s Right for You.” Photo by Kathleen Galligan

Story: cropped-cropped-T1A9634aaaaA.jpgOver or under

The Risk of Infection from Breast Implants and the Remedies

This review article teases out which women undergoing#BreastReconstruction with #siliconeimplants for breast cancer are most likely to develop an infection, often leading to loss of the implant, considerable expense and pain and time for the woman. It also carries recommendations for hospitals to follow to reduce infection rates.

Reducing infection risk in implant-based breast-reconstruction surgery: challenges and solutions…

History of Breast Implants: The Story Behind the Story

Absolutely fascinating history of how breast implants were made and update on the Texas mother who got the first pair. This story says she still has the ORIGINAL pair.

The surgery set Houston on the path to becoming an international destination for surgical breast reconstruction and augmentation, now among the most popular elective surgeries. Even after patients began filing lawsuits in the early 1990s claiming their silicone gel implants had ruptured and caused…