Sharing Our Book and the Power of Social Media

This is a story about the powerful reach of Facebook. I posted to show its strength can go so much further than the ordinary purposes.
Breast cancer survivor Julie Wright heard about the breast cancer surgery options book I wrote after she read about it on a Facebook post from a friend, Dr. Tom Rifai. She soon bought a case of “Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: What’s Right for You,” and has begun to distribute them to cancer centers and women facing breast cancer surgery decisions. Today she posted a message of her goal to distribute as many as she can, along with the story below she found on the Internet that I wrote four years ago as I contemplated writing a book.
Julie is a true angel on earth. I feel she was sent to answer my prayer to use my writing skills for purposes that benefit others. Years ago, I went to the funeral of a famous UM doctor kiled by a mentally ill patient and taped his funeral program to my desk, with this message from Matthew: “I by my work will show you my faith.”

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A journalist finds her cause – and a market – writing books on women’s health.

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