10-Minute Radio Interview with Author

Here’s an interview with WJR-Detroit’s Marie Osborne that wonderfully conveys some of the questions and answers about our book.  It explains why I wrote the book; the issues it addresses; describes the range of women in the book; and recounts the breast cancer diagnosis of Detroit Free Press photographer Kathleen Galligan, three months after she began working on the book. She tells how she reluctantly moved from behind the camera in a first-person lumpectomy chapter for the book.

Marie Osborne

The Big Story with Marie Osborne
WJR’s award winning news department brings you “The Big Story.” Hosted by Marie Osborne, this hour long segment brings you the top news stories of the day, important news interviews and highlights from Paul W., Frank, and Mitch on WJR. Catch “The Big Story” periodically from 7-8 PM. Watch WJR’s Fac…


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