Tribute Pledges

Gifts were made  to this project to honor: 


Susan Thomas, tributed by Dr. Linda J. Johnson

Carol Hollenshead, tributed by Maryanne George

Connie Adair, tributed by Eileen Wunderlich

Diane Weiss, a survivor

Trudy Gerstner, a survivor and tributed by Joanne Gerstner

Sharon Blain, tributed by Kathy Ryan

Patricia Anstett and Kathleen Galligan, for educating and fighting, tributed by Wendy Kamen

Rita Kozuch-Parkinson, a survivor and tributed by Tom Parkinson

Paula C. Mitchell, tributed by Kimberly Todd

Those gone but forever with us:

Kathleen Maslanka Peabody, tributed by Nancy Combs and Gayle Good

Pam Arnold, tributed by Cheryl Cusmano

Margaret Ryan and Canice Johnson, tributed by Mary Ellen Howard

Ruth M. Petro, tributed by David Petro

Frieda Kiefer, tributed by Joanne Gerstner

Susie Keenan, tributed by Shelley Lavey

Pauline Krestel, tributed by Sherylle Koltun

Jane Jackson, tributed by Erin Jackson

Marian Rose, tributed by Tina Gaccetta

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