60% of Arab Women Diagnosed with Advanced Tumors


While 40-60% of American women are diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, 60% of Arab women are diagnosed in advanced stages. The issue there has prompted a call for mammography at age 40. Here in the U.S., the Society of Breast Imaging, the American College of Obstetricians, among others, endorse mammography starting at 40, not 50 as a federal task force and others recently have favored.

 “Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstuction: What is Right for You” will have a unique chapter on breast cancer surgery and Hiamreconstruction and the Arab culture.  Hiam Hiamade and Ghada Aziz run a model breast screening and diagnosis program at ACCESS in Dearborn, where they see women coming in too late to get mammograms and some even resistant to followup.  Stigma, shame and fear too often govern important health choices. Here is a study that reinforces what we found.
DHA smart clinic marked World Cancer Day 2016

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