Praise for Our Book from Top US Cancer Docs, Top Plastic Surgeon on Twitter

In the last week, leading doctors have praised our book, including the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the nation’s largest group of cancer doctors, posted on (see below).

Today  Dr. Olivier Branford, a London plastic surgeon and top in his field on social media wrote on Twitter: ‏@OlivierBranford
“Just received this brilliant book by @BCsurgstories Invaluable for all concerned #BreastCancer#BreastReconstruction “

From the ASCO POST:  “Patricia Anstett, a well-published medical writer, has written Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: What’s Right for You, a detailed account of one of the most important issues in the world of oncology. Along with the visual help of photographer Kathleen Galligan, Ms. Anstett has produced a valuable book in both the clinical cancer community as well as the patient-survivor sector…. Ms. Anstett made many wise choices in her book. She is a capable writer who knows her limitations in the craft of writing. As a result, she has produced an honest, valuable book that deals with clinical and emotional subjects that are daunting and confusing. Women who are facing these issues will be well served by this book.(The ASCO Post)”

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