Imaging Test Find Tumors in Women with Dense Breasts, Breast Implants

Molecular breast imaging, or MBI, is an FDA approved test for women who need additional tests, beyond mammography. It requires a very small injection of a commonly used radiotracer that lights up tumors on the test, making them easy to find.

Gamma Medical, which makes the technology, advises this supplemental diagnostic test (not routine; for problems and problematic patients) for:

  • Dense breast tissue (making mammograms difficult to interpret)
  • Suspicious mammographic lesion, abnormality or architectural distortion observed in mammogram
  • Symptomatic (nipple discharge or palpable mass) or high-risk patient* with negative mammogram and/or ultrasound
  • Breast implants or free silicone
  • Patient not able to tolerate an MRI (for example, ferromagnetic surgical implants, severe claustrophobia, or poor renal function)

*family history of breast cancer or confirmed positive gene test (BRCA1 or BRCA2); risk assessment greater than or equal to 20%

For more info:  GAMMAMEDICA.COM

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