Under or Over: What’s the Best Placement of a Breast Implant?

Younger women undergoing #breastreconstruction with #breastimplants and who are very athletic increasingly are asking their #plasticsurgeons where’s the best place to place an implant under the muscle, as done for years, or over, to avoid a problem called distortion when the implant moves during vigorous exercise such as weight lifting.

We report in the#siliconeimplant chapter of the book that some surgeons remain cautious about implant placement over the muscle because of concerns about whether this doesn’t look as good or may impair imaging and monitoring of the breast. Would love to hear from doctors and women if you have an opinion.

Below: Emmy Pontz-Rickert, anchor of silicone breast implant chapter, “Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: What’s Right for You.” Photo by Kathleen Galligan

Story: cropped-cropped-T1A9634aaaaA.jpgOver or under

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