20 Million Americans Have No Health Insurance; Helpful Resources

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Breast cancer survivor Molly MacDonald, executive director of The Pink Fund, stays fit with exercise, including swimming. Photo by Kathleen Gallgian

With 20 million Americans still uninsured, programs like The Pink Fund, pinkfund.org, and the federal Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program,bcccp.org, available in every state, and which pays for screening mammograms for women ages 40-64 and for Pap smears for a larger group of women, remain so vital. The Pink Fund will pay as much as $3,000 towards non-medical expenses of women currently in treatment. These programs are vital to the groups without insurance detailed here: Hispanics, Southerners, Millennials, and of course, the near-poor.

SavorettiWe tell more about this issue in “Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction: What’s Right for You,” with stories about Molly MacDonald, executive director of the Pink Fund, and Alisa Savoretti, founder of My Hope Chest, a Tampa non-profit that finds plastic reconstructive surgeons willing to operate at reduced rates for uninsured and under-insured women.

Alisa Savoretti, founder, My Hope Chest; supplied photo.

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There are still about 24 million American adults without coverage, according to a survey by a health research group.

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